Instagram is Removing Fake Followers and Warned Those Accounts to Not Use them Again

Instagram yesterday decided to make their platform great again by choosing to kill every fake follower they are seeing on the Instagram users account.  We all know that Instagram is used by millions of people and to get the top reach and likes on their post some people try to get fake followers, which are mostly generated by automated software.  Yesterday Instagram inspected some accounts, which according to the company were using the phony follower to create likes on their posts and photos.  Instagram has reportedly warned those accounts who were using these followers and notified them that their account might also get deleted if something like this happened in future.

Instagram is worried that some users might give their secret data like password and login details to these followers and that is why the company is now taking some dangerous actions against these type of accounts who are using software to generate fake followers.  According to the company, they have so far deleted more than 756 million fake accounts, and they have urged users to check the account of the person whom they are following carefully.  There are already many cases of misinformation and data scandals going on Facebook and Instagram, and these companies are facing some severe criticism for their platforms usability to influence political and social welfare matters, and that is the reason Instagram is adopting strict policies.

According to the company, some bot apps, which mostly sell the followers for some money has been shut down, but it does not mean that users cannot get fake followers because of there are tons of other bot apps, which many users still can use.  If Instagram wants to stop fake followers, then they will have to adopt more strict policies otherwise these things like fake followers are never going to end.


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