Instagram Rolls Out ‘Close Friends’ Stories

Instagram has now become one of the most popular social networking websites where people share videos and images. This platform is made visible to everyone. However, it has several features where you can make your content noticeable to all or to your followers only. But till now there wasn’t such feature where your account remains public while you make some of your stories visible to your close friends only.

This time Instagram rolled out a new feature to help you maintain your personal stuff to your close ones only while still be setting your account public. There are more than 285 million people around the globe. The photo social network has recently announced two new improvements that make it easier for users with visual impairments to use it.

The social networking site launched automatic alternative text to the users with visual impairments so that they can hear the description of pictures through a screen reader. The Insta app uses object recognition tech to produce a description of photos for screen users. Plus it introduced a custom alternative text for the users who want to add a richer description of his photos while uploading them online. And people who have screen readers will be able to hear the image description.

Now the photo-video sharing site has set up a close friends’ list of stories so that you can share your content with them only. Instagram has been testing this new feature for over a year and now it’s available on the Android and iOS version of the app. This way Instagram has made it easy for you to express yourself well in any manner you want and share your all special or day to day moments with your friends and followers. With this new feature, you’ve got the flexibility to share it among your close friends only where you can interact with them and have some fun.

This latest feature is brought to the app to encourage new followers.


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