Man Gets Rid of His Brain Tumor Without Surgery

On Friday, a report came out with an astonishing revelation. The Neurosurgeons and Specialists were in charge to treat a patient from Lodi, California named Paul Wood. They are now scratching their heads after brain scans revealed that his tumour disappeared just the day before he was scheduled for surgery. Paul Wood is a father and volunteer in his community. He noticed that something was not normal, where he could not even stand up straight. It was felt several months ago. Paul said that he suffered tremendous headaches and he could not even walk down the hall without the support from the walls.

The man from Lodi hence went to his primary care doctor, who in turn referred him to a neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco. The neurosurgeon, after examining Wood’s condition said that the patient’s brain was bleeding but radiologists felt that there was enough evidence of a tumor. Paul then turned towards his community, seeking support. Obviously, he did not expect something which he luckily got. On the social media, he came across an overwhelming amount of support as well as prayer for him. He said that it seemed as if his phone would blow up, with lots of prayers on Facebook. When the doctors managed to take another brain scan just the day before his operation, they simply canceled the surgery was a tumor had disappeared. Wood said that it was nothing but a miracle from God and everything happened according to how He had planned. The doctor even failed to explain why a tumor vanished away and then admitted that there are certain things which they really cannot explain.

The Faith leaders at the place of worship for Wood, which was Gravity Church, said that a higher authority was working behind everything. Paul Wood had kept saying that he would be absolutely fine, no matter what happened as he had the faith in God. That even worked as an inspiration for a lot of people around him. The doctors were so astonished by the recovery of Paul Wood that they even asked him to be a part of a research study.


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