Our Team

Jean D. Harris – Sr. Editor
Jean’s experience in the business industry has helped get the knack of how things happen in the world of business, but what keeps her going is the enthusiasm itself. She would not spend a day without taking a look at the business page of popular reporting across the globe.

Richard Smith – Editor
Richard spent a few years in the health industry and the experience has given him so much authority when it comes to writing content in the category. He is also the right person to approach if you want to discuss on health and fitness-related topics.

Dianna S. Smith – Author
Dianna has been a tech enthusiast for more than a decade. From checking out the basic Nokia handsets to writing about the latest Pixel devices, she is our go-to guy for writing tech-based articles. She also checks out all those happenings in the science world in order to get a corresponding idea. She’s a part-time book-geek too.