Samsung Confirms New Design of Galaxy S10

We already know that AT&T and Verizon teased the news of the arrival of the 5G Galaxy S10 ‘Beyond X.’ But there is some confusion in the air because of Samsung’s confirmation about the New Designs of Galaxy S10. Ghostek has recently provided the Galaxy S10’s render. It says that people don’t need to confuse it with the larger Galaxy S10 or new flat-screened entry-level S10. Yet, as per the reports, this model is considered to make more sales.

The reports say that this render will be a combination of a bexel-like display having a single lens camera in front. This is in-line with the new Infinity-O screens of the Samsung phones. It will merge with the status bar and be placed in the display’s right corner. On the back-side, there will be a triple camera having wide and zoom angle lenses which will join the main shooter. The Galaxy S10 and Beyond X will have up to 4 rear cameras and also a dual front camera.

Talking about the confirmation of this news, the fact that Samsung is modeling its cases ahead for mass production cannot be neglected. The company’s covert2 slim-line is already available for iPhone and Galaxy ranges. Yet, like many other leaked news, Ghostek may be wrong, but let us also consider the fact that they have mostly been correct in the past. The only news exception to this was about iPhone XS schematic, but again, the core details for it were correct.

It is interesting to hear that an in-display ‘3D Sonic Sensor’ fingerprint reader’s launch was also confirmed by Qualcomm earlier this week. This is the biggest upgrade given by Ghostek about Galaxy S10. There is also a small bad news for fans of Samsung though. Facial recognition may not be a feature in it and 5G is limited to model Beyond X only. Also, the headphone jack may be removed, but this could also be a rumor. As Samsung Galaxy range has its 10th-anniversary face, will the company do enough to keep up its elevated position in the market? Supposedly, yes.


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