The Other Major Sky Event Orionid Shower is Coming

This 2018 would be very kind and special for the meteor enthusiast. And looking ahead the December, the Gemini meteor shower, the largest part of all the annual display, will be going to reach its peak as during this late evening an almost-first-quarter moon will be going to set its display. Between these two events, another shower has been observed due to which this weekend makes the most reliable meteor event. And it is the Orionid meteor shower, which will appear every night of this weekend, according to the experts. However, the Orionid shower will late Saturday night into a predawn hour of Sunday.

The best time that you can see this shower is around 4 a.m. local time (Monday) and when the morning twilight begins. If you are missing you can still look at the sky during Monday night and Tuesday morning but the fact is that there won’t be as many that are visible. All you need to know is just set your position and find the darkest place, as far away from the city light. Make sure you can make a good view of the sky.

However, when it comes to the Orionid meteor shower of 2018, there is both good and bad news. Good news is that the Orionid shower would be the greatest and special event of the fall season. And the bad news is that the shower will diminish as the October full moon is near. In case you are worrying if any special equipment is needed or not, the answer would be ‘no need for equipment like a telescope, etc. So you can watch it with your naked eyes itself.’ Each Orionid is a piece of debris shed by Halley comet. Don’t miss the mentor shower this weekend – National Geographic channel tweeted.


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