Tim Cook Says Tech Regulation is Inevitable

Tech business is one of those industries, which are expanding at a higher rate and with that much growing rate they are on the verge of regulation.  According to Tim Cook who recently in an interview said that “Free market is not working as it used to be and in future, we might see regulations on tech companies.”  Recently, Tim Cook gave an interview in which the interviewer asked him regarding the most controversial topic as of now going on, and that is Data privacy.  Tim Cook thinks that tech companies have grown so fast because there was a free market environment and it helped them to grow at a faster rate, but due to some concerns regarding data privacy tech industry might not be a free market anymore and some government departments will regulate it.

Right now tech companies are facing tons of criticism because of the data privacy scandals, and there are already many government officials who are trying to put regulations on these companies.  While further speaking on this topic matter, Tim Cook thinks that if any regulation comes, then every tech company shall accept it and follow it.  Now after this statement of Tim Cook there are lots of mixed reaction coming from the business enthusiast because those who are not in favor think that regulating tech companies will mean no innovation and if the free market does not exist, then we will not be able to see some great products in the future.

Tim Cook also has been asked some questions regarding Apple and Google’s deal according to which Apple has agreed to let google as default search platform on safari browser, and Tim Cook thinks their browser is the most efficient one and it values user’s privacy and helps them to keep their data private.  Tim Cook’s this statement regarding the regulating tech business is somehow grave matter, and we will have to see what other companies think of this idea.


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